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Solid Rock Recording Studios

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Our newly built, spacious Recording Studio is designed from the ground up and is equipped with the latest top of the line audio gear. We provide music production, composing, midi sequencing, voice over, Chroma-key (green screen), jingles, music videos, teachings for radio / tv / web, VHS to DVD / hard drive transfer, cassette to CD transfer, etc…  We have a large Isolation (sound-proof) Room for all your recording needs. Our Control Room is spacious, with a relaxed & creative atmosphere.

Why pay $65 to $100 an hour at other secular studios, when we only charge $25 an hour at our Christian Studio!  

At the moment, we are offering $25/hr for recording, editing, mixing, mastering, cd/dvd burning, video filming. For more info, please visit or call 647-231-4600

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