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It is true, I began my career of Chimney Sweeping as a youngster while living on a farm in Quebec, long before our family moved to Ontario.  I was cleaning the wood stove chimney on the family farm, never really knew if I was doing it right at the time, but was following my dads directions.  Back in the 1960’s there were few rules and guidelines to follow even if one wanted to do so.

When we moved to Ontario in the mid-1970’s, I WETT BIGput the brushes aside.  However, as fate would have it a friend asked if I knew somebody who could clean their chimney, and a light went off in my head!  I had brushes stored away, why couldn’t I do it, and so I did.  Shortly afterward a few other friends heard about it and asked me to do the same, so it carried on, all be it a part time venture.   As it turned out by then there were rules and guidelines in place and I began to do some formal studying and ensure I was doing this right.  Eventually I decided to attend some WETT classes and learn more or at least be formally recognized for what I did know.  I started with my SITE Basic Inspector, as do all within the WETT Education system, and move up from there.  Next the Chimney Sweep, Advanced Chimney Sweep and Comprehensive Inspector.  I want to get my technician someday in near future.   I have almost completed enough installations, perhaps around four short of being certified as a Technician.  I have done far more repairs and cleaning jobs than full installations.

 Now that I am living in Penetanguishene, and I am doing most of my work in the local area where and when possible.  I am semi-retired, doing renovations and helping with some Home  Inspections on the side.  But my real goal is to expand on the Chimney Sweep side and bring my son along with me.  I work pretty much in the Midland, Penetanguishene and Georgian Bay Island area.  I also do volunteer work on the side, helping out at local church when needed.

Since starting in Quebec, the tools have evolved!  Now the most common sweep tool I use is the Perkins Power Sweep, a marvelous invention I might add.  In the old days I used to get up on the roof and use brooms, yes steel brushes on the end of poles.  I still have them!  But even the chimney brushes today offer a poly material as well as the older steel versions.

I have an attitude of constant learning. And while I have taken training from manufacturers on several systems, I do not pretend to know everything. However my goal is always to find the source of the problem and remedy it in the most reasonable way for you, the customer.

If you are considering the purchase of a wood stove, fireplace or pellet stove I suggest that you at least contact a person experienced in the field to discuss options, pros & cons as well as total cost once installed.  If you plan to install yourself, at least hire somebody to review and do final inspection.

When I Quebec we attended a brethren church, which is where I grew up. Today we attend the BIC church in Penetanguishene – Covenant Community Church.  I love to help homeowners and repair, clean or inspect their system.  If you need a Chimney Sweep, Stove Repair or WETT Inspection then give a call today!