snakecharmer(India)—People in the community worshipped her as a snake goddess, brought her offerings, and prostrated themselves before her. But a powerful encounter with Jesus in a dream turned her away from black magic to follow the living, true God.

“My father was a leading sorcerer among our people. He was practicing black magic,” says Nagamma, which means, “mother snake.” Nagamma’s family is part of the Hindu Dalit class at the lowest rung of Indian society, sometimes known as “untouchables.”


Horrific Car Accident Leads to Angelic Encounter


Dann Stadler remembers the horrific car crash that almost claimed his life, and the life of his wife, Tracey. Stadler says, “There was so much wreckage pushed in on us that we just couldn’t move. Tracey was literally trapped by the engine and everything else had collapsed in on her.”


“I looked at my husband and he reached over to try to unbuckle my seatbelt,” says Tracey, “and then whoosh, he started on fire. I tried getting to him but I couldn’t move. I was trapped.”



With 187 Girls Still Missing, Nigerian Churches Urge Global Prayer, Fasting


igeria’s largest church network, the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), has called for prayer and fasting for the safe release of 230 teenage school girls abducted last week.

“‘The CAN leadership, especially our president, has called that all Christians pray and fast [on Friday, April 25] because of the security situation in the country: the recent bomb blast in Nyanya in Abuja, and then the abduction of students in a girls’ secondary school in Maiduguri, and all the challenges of security that are going on,” the Rev Musa Asake, the General Secretary of CAN told World Watch Monitor.


River in Switzerland Turns Red; No explanation

Bmdt0m9CUAASPZiApril 30, 2014 — (TRN) — The River Lotzwil (Bern, Switzerland) has suddenly turned blood red.  Scientists say they have absolutely no explanation.  Others point to The Book of Revelation, 16:4 in the Holy Bible. This is just the latest of a series of similar incidents wherein waterways – either fresh or salt — have “inexplicably” turned blood red..